Westland FPV 2 - Jul 27th

After the success of our events in 2018 (under the Hillbilly Hotquads banner) Westland Drone Events are proud to be part of the iFPV race calendar with our 2019 series for the South West region.

We’ve secured two fantastic venues for this year that have a suitably flight-based feel: The first and second is the Weston Helicopter Museum, the World’s largest dedicated helicopter collection, just off the M5 in Weston-super-Mare. You’ll be racing on a helipad agaisnt the backdrop of  boneyard full of helicopters. The third, and new for 2019, is Historic Helicopters, situated in the rolling hills outside Chard. Most importantly, both venues have full cafe facilities, mains power for charging and proper flushing toilets!

The Westland series is three events in total leading up to our final on 18th August, World Helicopter Day. This is also a British Nationals Qualifying Event.

On top of this, all Westland events feed into the South West/Wales Regional Series so by attending our events you get two opportunities to get to the British National Championships 2019! You must be a member of the British Drone Racing Association prior to the event for your points to count towards national statistics.

All our events are run using an ImmersionRC LapRF timing system linked to Livetime for rock solid timing and all the benefits you’ve come to expect. The event will also have basic livestreaming of all races so that you can review your performance throughout the day via LiveFPV.com.

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Holmsie FPV 3.0
2 LeoFPV 5.5
3 AK 8.5
4 Speed Sloth 11.5
5 MomentFPV 14.5
6 Goochi 17.0
7 Knighthawk 20.0
8 Stigsi_fpv 23.0
9 KPV 25.5
10 HellYeah 28.5
11 Potato 31.5
12 stinger fpv 34.5
13 Marmite 37.0
14 Banded fpv 40.0
15 Andrew Wakelin 43.0
16 Pukka fpv 45.5
17 Bludz 48.5
18 Moose 51.5
19 Beava FPV 54.5
20 Angel FPV 57.0
21 Tom Scott 60.0
22 Rich 63.0
23 Luke Johns 65.5
24 Gavlar 68.5
25 Steve Rammer Rhodes 71.5
26 Knapmosphere 74.5
27 Ross 77.0
28 APOGEE FPV 80.0
29 WYLDEONE 83.0
30 wreckless 85.5
31 Partime Pete 88.5
32 Airjacker Actual 91.5
33 Arclight 94.5
34 All Torque 97.0
35 Stubbsy 100.0

Qualifying Results


Date: 27/07/19

Location: BS24 8PP

Series: Westland

Season: 2019

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Registered Pilots (37)