Large Model Association (LMA) - RAF Cosford - Jul 2nd - 3rd



Flushed with optimism the BDRA put forward a second awesome weekend of flying. With our hopes and dreams that everyone would be able to come. Hey, you can't knock our optimism.... right? Turns out this isn't going to fly. Pun very much intended. We have heard your feedback and we are moving to make changes.


This event will now run to the following format:

SATURDAY - Full ONE DAY BQE event. Usual rules apply. (We will need to get to at least 24 pilots to go ahead) - 

SUNDAY - MINI-MAY-AHAEM - Team racing shenanigans! Six pilot teams - Four teams - One DAY LONG heat. Most laps wins.


So.... Obviously this is absolutely EPIC. BUT... What's it going to cost you? Well... Thats the great part!

SATURDAY BQE TICKET (includes FREE sunday ticket AND CAMPING PASS!!) -

£27 non-BDRA Members / £25 BDRA Members 


£7 non-BDRA Members / £5 BDRA Members 


I can't believe it, that's so cheap! I might FAINT! it would cost FIFTY QUID to get in on a public pass with camping!!

We will be utilising the Race Directing services, awesome streaming set up, and the amazing 'DeltaHawks Style' track equipment (plus some guest obstacles) from KILLAKWADS 


Seriously, you NEED to sign up for this one. It's going to be bonkers and great fun! Plus it's a great venue for a BQE and heavens knows you need the points. Your last race was rubbish!



More info on this presigeous show can be found here -

Have a click. This is a big show!



PLEASE NOTE: By signing up to this event you consent to us sharing your name and email address with the Large Model Association (LMA). You will be made a temporary LMA member, free of charge, to be covered by the clearances and insurances put in place for this event. However, you must still hold your own insurance from BMFA/FPV-UK as per other race events.

The LMA will also supply your entrance tickets to the site directly to you via e-mail which you will receive around 1 week before the event.


Event Numbers -

Saturday - 36 Pilot Limit

Sunday - 4 teams of 6 pilots (yes you get to choose your own teams, unless you cant organise it between you, in which case we will do it for you!)

Not a member of the BDRA? You can join for just £10 for the year!

NOTE: Please ensure your BDRA membership is showing in your iFPV profile ahead of sign-up otherwise the discount, and priority booking, will not be available to you.



Marquee is GONE for this event. Long live the Berghaus Village!

More details of how the heck we will run the Sunday will be released as soon as we have it all finalised. It's going to be fantastic!



Any questions - please do contact the BDRA via Facebook or email direct to [email protected]

Refunds for those already signed up and all that red tape shizzle will be forthcoming. Panic ye not.

Standard BDRA refund policy for the BQE signup applies. A refund is available only if your seat is re-sold to another pilot.

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Rank Pilot Points
1 AK 32.0
2 BearmanFPV 31.0
3 Stoney 30.0
4 Smoky FPV 29.0
5 M4ttFPV 28.0
6 KPV 27.0
7 Tinker's Flight 26.0
8 OrangutanFPV 25.0
9 Ross 24.0
10 Skywalker 23.0
11 UFO 22.0
12 Arti 21.0
13 Impact-FPV 20.0
14 MAXCHAT 19.0
15 Rob1n50n 18.0
16 Awquad 17.0
17 Geekeye 16.0
18 Steve Rammer Rhodes 15.0
19 (CircleS) 14.0
20 Dastardly 13.0
21 will A 12.0
22 OldGit 11.0
23 Loz 10.0
24 TPU 9.0
25 RCManiac98 8.0
26 SirCrashALot 7.0
27 Toltoise 6.0
28 What's up FPV 5.0
29 DruidFPV 4.0
30 Goochi 3.0


Date: 02/07/22

Location: WV7 3EX

Series: KillaKwads

Season: 2022

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Registered Pilots (32)