Hull FPV - May 23rd

We are back for another exciting season! 

This is a National Qualifying Event AND a BDRA Team Selection Event!

All the usual rules apply:

25mw vtx output ONLY(analogue)
BMFA/FPVUK insurance
Up to 6s
Up to 6inch drone

VTX timing will be used. So there is no need for transponders. Race control will be run by Will Annison using live time, all race stats for the day will be available from

There will also be Covid-19 guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe and well. Those guidelines will be published in the pilot pack you will recieve via email after you've signed up.

Entry Fees:

Sunday National Qualifier - £30 (£25 BDRA Member)


42 pilot spots available. 

Team selection information: This event will be one of 3 BDRA team selection events (the other two being Weston park in June and WDRE in July) points from these events will be used to put together a team to represent the UK. 

Clarification of key points given in advance:


  • BDRA team qualification will take place over 1 stage (the qualification portion of the event) there will be 8 qualifying rounds and for BDRA team qualification a pilot's best 3 rounds will be used to determine their qualifying position.

  • Qualification format will be based on the number of laps completed in the fastest time. Rounds will last for 2 minutes, 30 seconds will be given to pilots to complete their last lap. Pilots completing the same number of laps will be ranked on the time taken to complete those laps.

  • The track layout will be kept secret before the event, it will include standard race features plus a dive gate and a ladder section. The track will be approximately 300m long. 



Onsite power is available as well as:
Free parking

If you have any questions regarding this event . Please don't hesitate to get intouch with Will Annison via Facebook or email -



Located at Hutton Cranswick Sports field, Rotsea Lane, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield YO25 9QG

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Saul_fpv 4.5
2 AK 9.0
3 Blakey 13.5
4 Smoky FPV 18.0
5 Holmsie FPV 22.5
6 KPV 27.5
7 Skywalker 32.0
8 Bash FPV 36.5
9 antihype 41.0
10 Spartan 45.5
11 M4ttFPV 50.0
12 will A 54.5
13 Steve Rammer Rhodes 59.0
14 Awquad 63.5
15 Impact-FPV 68.0
16 CarbonRain FPV 72.5
17 SlashFpv 77.5
18 Smashhappyfpv 82.0
19 Reevolution 86.5
20 Rob1n50n 91.0
21 Super Dan 95.5
22 Thunder 100.0


Date: 23/05/21

Location: YO25 9QG

Series: Hull Rivals

Season: 2021

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Registered Pilots (25)