KillaKwads Bromsgrove 24 - Round One - May 4th (Sat)

Back at it at our amazing racing venue, with amazing facilities and as always with KillaKwads events, no one leaves empty handed!

Thank you to our amazing venue:Bromsgrove Rugby Club, Finstall Road, Bromsgrove, Finstall, B60 3DH

This large, kwad friendly, and professional venue comes with fantastic facilities. Such as, secure parking (on hard standing), outdoor bar for hot and cold drinks and food, indoor toilets, a barbeque, and all the neatly trimmed grass you can eat.

Presented and directed by FPV RACING SOLUTIONS. A full track of 'Championship size' MGP style gates and 4m feather flags sponsored by our good friends at Gemfan Hobby.Along with some special obstacles form the FPV RS Workshops. Timing by LiveTime. Live streaming to the YouTubes. Plus all the usual mod cons. Will Cerbie have FINALLY built his RaceTrailer? Only one way to find out!

Entry fee is a mere: £27 for non-BDRA members / £25 for BDRA members

Entry limit for this event will be - 36 pilots

REFUND POLICY - Once 48hrs have passed after a pilot has signed up to the event no refunds will be available unless maximum number of pilots is reached and the space is filled with another pilot. Any refunds outside of this policy are at the organisers discretion. Please contact us to discuss. Any/all refunds will be subject to a 5% handling fee which covers fee's taken by PayPal in processing your transaction.

Usual insurance requirerements and caveats apply.

Track will be released on VelociDrone as close as possible to the event and will be announced in the pilot pack. 


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Rank Pilot Points
1 Saul_fpv 185.0
2 Carb 170.0
3 lightsail 165.0
4 King Joshy 160.0
5 Danbuster 155.0
6 Finz fpv 150.0
7 Steath 146.0
8 KPV 142.0
9 BearmanFPV 138.0
10 Gavlar 134.0
11 FPV Gilbert 130.0
12 MadAndSome 127.0
13 MikeWasTaken 124.0
14 Dacus 121.0
15 Batman 118.0
16 MIT 115.0
17 urbanfpv 112.0
18 XO - XO 109.0
19 (CircleS) 106.0
20 Mat 103.0
21 Steve Rammer Rhodes 100.0
22 Cerberus 97.0
23 DavNav 94.0
24 RCManiac98 91.0
25 M4ttFPV 88.0
26 Fpv_mark 85.0
27 ISR 82.0
28 ArduCrow 79.0
29 JamesTX 76.0
30 Last Place 73.0
31 What's up FPV 70.0
32 DruidFPV 67.0
33 Fuze 0.0
34 SirCrashALot 0.0


Date: 04/05/24

Location: B60 3DH

Series: KillaKwads

Season: 2024

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Registered Pilots (34)