The Jim Gibney Memorial Race 2022 - Jul 9th (Sat)

The third running of the annual 'Jim Gibney Memorial Race'. In memory of our good friend and KillaKwads co-founder, Jim. 

We are proud to announce that once again this event has attained British National Qualifying Event (BQE) status. By competing at the event you will score points towards the chance to take part in the 2022 British National Championships. You must be a member of the British Drone Racing Association prior to the event for your points to count towards national statistics.

This year the KillaKwads have moved to a bigger, better, brillianter venue: Bromsgrove Rugby Club, Finstall Road, Bromsgrove, Finstall, B60 3DH

This much bigger and more porfessional venue comes with fantastic facilities. Such as, secure parking (on hard standing), open bar for hot and cold drinks and food, indoor toilets, and all the neatly trimmed grass you can eat.

A full track of 'Delta Hawks Style" gates and other awesome obstacles. Timing by LiveTime. Live streaming to the YouTubes. Plus all the usual mod cons. Will Cerbie have FINALLY built his RaceTrailer? Only one way to find out!

Entry fee is held at 2021 prices: £25 for BDRA members and £27 for non-BDRA members.
Please ensure you check your BDRA status in your iFPV pilot profile before signing up to the event for the discount to apply.

Entry limit for this event will be - 36 pilots

Usual insurance requirerements and caveats apply.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to a KillaKwads race event. It will be, as is our usual style, a most awesome and chilled day of racing!

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Pukka fpv 26.0
2 Fuze 25.0
3 M4ttFPV 24.0
4 Smoky FPV 23.0
5 KPV 22.0
6 Gavlar 21.0
7 Tinker's Flight 20.0
8 xgoodvibesx 19.0
9 Batman 18.0
10 OrangutanFPV 17.0
11 MrE 16.0
12 8M1 15.0
13 Simpo 14.0
14 Bolts 13.0
15 Potato 12.0
16 Martin FPV 11.0
17 DruidFPV 10.0
18 MikeWasTaken 9.0
19 Pulquero 8.0
20 RCManiac98 7.0
21 Cerberus 6.0
22 (CircleS) 5.0
23 What's up FPV 4.0
24 Smoking Gun 3.0
25 Derpy hooves 2.0
26 Loz 1.0


Date: 09/07/22

Location: B60 3DH

Series: KillaKwads

Season: 2022

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Registered Pilots (26)