MX-5 Owners Club National Event - Exhibition Race - Sep 19th

2021 MX-5 Owners Club National Rally - EXHIBITION RACE

The crew here at KillaKwads have always had a great working relationship with the MX-5 Owners Club. In no small part because Cerberus used to be on the Committee. We are pleased to announce that the MX-5OC National Event is BACK for 2021 and will be held at the beautiful Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire.

The MX-5OC National is the biggest MX-5 event on the planet and usually attracts a public car park of nearly THREE THOUSAND MX-5s! That's before you get into the event and take in all the cars on display, the lifestyle village, the concours d'elegance, the main arena full of spectacular displays and of course the venue itself. 

You can find a load of great information on this amazing event, HERE

KillaKwads have been yet again invited to wow, amaze, stun, and stupify the crowds of attendees with AN EPIC DRONE RACE! 

A large space has been allocated to us to put on a show for the event and I have spaces for TWENTY FOUR lucky pilots to come join us for a fun fly day that is not to be missed! (The race location on site is not within the boundaries of the main event)

The race location on site will include one 'Coffee Van' for refreshment & toilet facilities will be provided by portaloos nearby the race site (not in the same trailer). 

Porcelain toilets, burger vans, entertainment, are all available inside the main rally event (not in the same room). Which will cost an extra £5 to access (see ticket prices below)



  • Epic fun fly race
  • Awesome venue
  • Big crowds
  • Timing will be provided by LIVETIME and LAPRF8
  • Gates and Track Equipment provided by KillaKwads
  • LiveStream will broadcast to YouTube throughout the day.
  • Bring your own pit equipment, chairs, gazebos.
  • No mains power available. Generators welcome!
  • Usual insurance requirements apply. BMFA or FPVuk accepted.
  • Cheap


Ticket Prices :

Entry to the National Rally Site is usually £10 to non-members of the MX-5OC.

  • Entry to the EPIC FUNFLY EXHIBITION RACE - £10 per pilot.
  • SPECIAL OFFER!!! Pilot Pass & National Rally Pass - £15 (saving £5!)
  • SPECIAL SPECIAL OFFER!!! Pilot Pass & Two National Rally Passes - £20 (Saving £10!)

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Date: 19/09/21

Location: MK18 2EX

Series: KillaKwads

Season: 2021

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Registered Pilots (16)