Westland DRE #1 + Team GBR Selection Event - Jul 17th

After the success of our events in 2020 Westland Drone Events are proud to be part of the iFPV race calendar with our 2021 series - all of which will be counting towards qualifying positions for the British Championships 2021. This is also the last of the Team GBR Qualifying Events for the 2021 season!

This time we are back at our OG venue - the Weston Helicopter Museum, with the World’s largest dedicated helicopter collection, just off the M5 (J21) in Weston-super-Mare. You’ll be racing on a helipad against the backdrop of a boneyard full of helicopters. The museum during COVID downtime has undergone renovations and now boasts a fantastic new entrance and cafe area (serving hot and cold food) - so you will be well catered for throughout the day.

Precautions will be taken in the organising of the day to make this event "COVID-Secure" and more detail on this will be provided in the Pilot Pack ahead of the event. Due to this we will be limiting this event to 36 pilots - so be quick to sign up!

As in previous years all Westland race tracks will be built using inflatable gates making this a softer ride for your quads if its pilot fails to get it through the gate.

All our events are run using an ImmersionRC LapRF timing system linked to Livetime for rock solid timing and all the benefits you’ve come to expect. We will also be live streaming all events to Facebook, YouTube and LiveFPV so that you can easily review your race performance.

Important notice: You must be a member of the British Drone Racing Association (BDRA) prior to the event for your points to count towards national statistics and Team selection.

Sign up will open Saturday 5th June @ 8pm and will be completed via the iFPV site to confirm BDRA membership.

Note: Please ensure your BDRA membership is showing within your iFPV profile ahead of sign-up - as the check function for this will be temporarily suspended approx. 15 minutes before sign up.

Price is £30 for BDRA members and £35 for non-BDRA members - this will need to be paid via PayPal via the iFPV sign-up process.

PLEASE NOTE: Any pilots who were canceled from our last event will receive their £5 refund on this event back via PayPal within 48hrs of sign up.

Team selection information: This event will be the last of 3 BDRA team selection events - the others being Hull (which has taken place in May) and Weston Park (which is taking place in June). Points from these events will be used to put together a team to represent the UK. 

Clarification of key points given in advance:

  • BDRA team qualification will take place over 1 stage (the qualification portion of the event) there will be a minimum of 6 qualifying rounds and for BDRA team qualification a pilot's best 3 rounds will be used to determine their qualifying position.

  • The qualification format will be based on the number of laps completed in the fastest time. Rounds will last for 2 minutes, 30 seconds will be given to pilots to complete their last lap. Pilots completing the same number of laps will be ranked on the time taken to complete those laps.

  • The track layout will be kept secret before the event, it will include standard race features using inflatable gates. The track will be approximately 250-300m long. 

  • Further information around the Team GBR Qualifying then please see the following link on the BDRA Website - https://bdra.uk/2021/05/01/get-qualifying-for-the-team-gbr-f9u-drone-racing-team/

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Saul_fpv 3.0
2 Blakey 5.5
3 Stoney 8.5
4 AK 11.0
5 Fly_Ez 14.0
6 M4ttFPV 16.5
7 Smoky FPV 19.5
8 KPV 22.0
9 Pukka fpv 25.0
10 LightningFPV 28.0
11 OrangutanFPV 30.5
12 antihype 33.5
13 SIBO 36.0
14 Gavlar 39.0
15 Impact-FPV 41.5
16 Dodgey build 44.5
17 Knapmosphere 47.0
18 Bolts 50.0
19 Tinker's Flight 53.0
20 Ross 55.5
21 MIT 58.5
22 Silverfox 61.0
23 Aaron 64.0
24 Steve Rammer Rhodes 66.5
25 WYLDEONE 69.5
26 Cerberus 72.0
27 Pulquero 75.0
28 Batman 78.0
29 All Torque 80.5
30 George54FPV 83.5
31 pho 86.0
32 Iron-Ryan 89.0
33 Martin FPV 91.5
34 What's up FPV 94.5
35 Gravy 97.0
36 Lap dancer 100.0


Date: 17/07/21

Location: BS24 8PP

Series: Westland

Season: 2021

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Registered Pilots (36)