Hull - Jul 26th - 26th

Hull FPV are back again for a fourth consecutive season! Of hosting their popular race series in the North East of England. This, their first event of the season is also a British Qualifying Event!

They aren't pulling any punches this season and are looking to improve on their previous successes. Being the reputable hosts that they are. With some of the best and most fun tracks of the season.

This, the first event of their Series will be held on Sunday 26th July. This will be their first National Qualifier and a chance to bag yourself some qualifier points. If you're looking to qualify for the British Championships.

All the usual rules apply:

25mw vtx output ONLY(analogue)
BMFA/FPVUK insurance
Up to 6s
Up to 6inch drone

VTX timing will be used. So there is no need for transponders. Race control will be ran by Will Annison and Lewis Boateng.

There will also be Covid-19 guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe and well. Those guidelines will be published in the pilot pack you will recieve via email after you've signed up.

Entry Fees:

There will be a non refundable sign up fee of £10.

Sunday Regional Qualifier - £27(£25 BDRA Member)

Onsite power is available as well as:
Free parking

If you have any questions regarding this event or the series as a whole. Please don't hesitate to get intouch with Lewis Boateng via Facebook or email - [email protected]

Lets get the season kicking!

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Holmsie FPV 3.0
2 Smoky FPV 5.5
3 Saul_fpv 8.5
4 COLLISionFPV 11.0
5 Spartan 14.0
6 AttoFPV 16.5
7 antihype 19.5
8 J.WREN 22.0
9 BearmanFPV 25.0
10 Peski 28.0
11 Skywalker 30.5
12 Blakey 33.5
13 KPV 36.0
14 Ali B 39.0
15 Fly_Ez 41.5
16 Bash FPV 44.5
17 Phoenix FPV 47.0
18 will A 50.0
19 Dan Carpy 53.0
20 M4ttFPV 55.5
21 Awquad 58.5
22 Boosive 61.0
23 8bit Flyer 64.0
24 SlashFpv 66.5
25 Crazy nase 69.5
26 DARKRYDER7 72.0
27 LightningFPV 75.0
28 BakerFPV 78.0
29 RADIUS FPV 80.5
30 Rob1n50n 83.5
31 Sherriff FPV 86.0
32 UFO 89.0
33 SiLitesFPV 91.5
34 Manchester Fpv 94.5
35 OrangutanFPV 97.0
36 Freya fpv 100.0


Date: 26/07/20

Location: YO25 9QG

Series: Hull Rivals

Season: 2020

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Registered Pilots (36)