EMHC - Apr 14th

Welcome to Eynsford model club this is the 4th outdoor South East league event of the year so make sure you enjoy it and have fun.

Entry fee is £15 for BDRA members and £20 for non members. (both prices include a food)

The members discount will automatically be deducted on sign up so make sure you have checked your pilots dashboard that your BDRA membership status is up to date. If you have any issues contact [email protected]

EMHC will be hosting the usual high quality event that you are used to. With Immersion LapRF VTx timing being used be sure to expect accurate lap timing so make sure your vtx is working properly because we will know from very early on if you have a problem.

Sign up opens at 8pm on Sunday 7th July 2019.

This is a 25 pilot event with 5 rounds of 5 pilots. We will try to get a minimum of 10 rounds of qualifying to decide the main finals.

Registration from 9AM Failsafe and insurance checks.

First round starts from 10:15 am till 12:30 then a short pause for lunch.

12:30 till 15:30 afternoon heats

15:30 a short break to determine main finals.

15:45 first main final starts.

16:30 Prize giving

Club rules require all pilots to be BMFA insured.

More information can be found in pilot pack HERE.

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Rank Pilot Points
1 JusticeFPV 4.0
2 Goochi 8.0
3 MomentFPV 12.0
4 Dan 16.0
5 Ali B 20.0
6 WARHEAD 24.0
7 Potato 28.0
8 HellYeah 32.0
9 Lupi FPV 36.0
10 Bubbows 40.0
11 Fly_Ez 44.0
12 Big dave 48.0
13 Paynefull FPV 52.0
14 Small dave 56.0
15 ALLO 60.0
16 SkyScooter 64.0
17 FlyHard Fpv 68.0
18 Aaron 72.0
19 FPV ZEE 76.0
20 OldGit 80.0
21 Josh 84.0
22 TPU 88.0
23 Shogun Fpv 92.0
24 Looney Air 96.0
25 Blackshot 100.0

Qualifying Results


Date: 14/04/19

Location: TN15 6XT

Series: EMHC

Season: 2019

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Registered Pilots (25)