SGDC The Quadtathlon Event 1 UK Open TT - Apr 8th (Sat)

8th of April 9 AM TILL 1PM


Am happy that its now time to announce our SGDC Mini series of event this year

The Quadtathlon

The Quadtathlon is a series of mini events held on Saturday mornings. Hopefully at least one a month. Each mini event will be a different style of racing. It can be anything from open class, Texas Spec, spec oval racing (nascar) drag racing, Time trail, knock out Racing and so many more. You will get points for each mini event and at the end of the season they will get added up to give us our overall winner and the best ALL-ROUND PILOT I’m excited for it


8th of April
Our first Quadtathlon mini event (Our very own UK Open Time Trial leader-board this has and will be open up to different clubs in the uk to run the same track to see how everyone stacks up). We will hopefully be running 10 rounds and The results will come down to a pilot best 3×3 consecutive laps over these 10 rounds.

We will also be using this event to see all our pilots abilities and see where we can best help pilots improve and we will be ruining the same track near the end of the season to see the improvement pilots have made.

If your club or you as an individual want to take part in the Time Trial leader-board and make you own mini event Get in contact and we will be happy to add you to our leader board and guild you thought getting the track and timing set up right.

This session is weather dependant!

£8 donation for a single session (cash or paypal). Or, join our membership for £10 monthly and get every session free!
spectator's are free so if you want to come down and chat about how to get in to the sport/hobby please do
Please ensure all pilots are insured; BMFA recommended and FPV UK accepted for guests.

Any question feel free to leave a comment or send us a private message

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Date: 08/04/23

Location: BS37 7LB

Series: SGDC

Season: 2023

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