Kwad Karnage - Nov 6th (Sun)


Drone Racing in a Skate Park. 

6 November 2022 // 12 - 6pm // LS-TEN Skate Park, Leeds.

That's right, it may be up North and in winter, but we'll be racing indoors around LS-TEN skate park.  Get signed up and ready yourselves for Kwad Karnage!  We will be running quick rounds to maximise racing time. We will also have spectators at the event and will be livestreaming the racing.

There will be two classes - 5 inch quads and everything else.  5 inch pilots will also be running 50% throttle cap to get those race times really close.

Why not come for the weekend? The plan is to head to Junkyard Golf in Leeds centre the night before for some socialising ahead of the main event.

We've got £150 in cash prizes from our sponsor Your FPV

HobbyRC and Screaming Props podcast will also be providing prizes for this event.  Prizes won't be just for the top tier either!

Sign up goes live 8pm on Sunday, 16 October 2022. Look forward to seeing you at the event.

25mW VTx power output and Third Party Liability Insurance required. Analogue or HDzero only.


Date: 06/11/22

Location: LS10 1NT

Series: HullFPV

Season: 2022

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Registered Pilots (11)