Laxton FPV - Sep 10th - 11th

You are cordially invited to a spectacular weekend FunFly send off!! As you know this is the final season at the Laxton Venue we know and love. Come and say goodbye to Doris FOR THE LAST TIME, I am not crying you are!!

Camping, BBQ, DJ, Live Music, FunFly racing day AND night! What more could you want

Bring your rock crawlers, wings and multirotors. Heck, bring a VTOL rockcrawling winged multirotor for all we care!! 

Let's give Laxton a good sendoff and just a general FPV/RC celbration, also a bit of practice before the champs too...

Registration open from 31/07/2022 to allow you plenty of time to pay :-) 

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Date: 10/09/22

Location: NN17 3AU

Series: Laxton FPV

Season: 2022

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Registered Pilots (4)