Team Wooly Sheep @ Llangeinor Football Club - Event 2 - Jun 26th

Team Wooly Sheep welcome you to their 2nd event of the 2022 season at Llangeinor Football Club

All TWS events for 2022 will be British National Qualifying Events (BQE) so by attending our events you get the chance to take part in the British National Championships 2022! You must be a member of the British Drone Racing Association prior to the event for your points to count towards national statistics.

All our events are supported by Westland Drone Racing Events and run using an ImmersionRC LapRF timing system linked to Livetime for rock solid timing and all the benefits you’ve come to expect. The event will also have live streaming of all races so that you can review your performance throughout the day via

Analogue and HDZero video systems will be supported at this event - so please ensure you select your type of video system at sign-up to help us with matching pilots up across the heats.

Entry fee: £28 for BDRA members and £30 for non-BDRA members.
Please ensure you check your BDRA status in your iFPV pilot profile before signing up to the event for the discount to apply.

We are lucky to have such a fantastic venue at Llangeinor Football Club, just off the M4 motorway. Food will be available throughout the day and the on-site bar will be open for a post-event drink. And a favourite for all – proper flushing toilets!

Prize monies will be handed out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the A-Final - and for 1st place in all other finals.

NOTE: Once 48hrs has passed after a pilot has signed up to the event no refunds will be available unless maximum number of pilots is reached and the space is filled with another pilot.

Please keep an eye out for further details of our TWS series.

Any questions or queries about the event please feel free to join the Team Wooly Sheep Facebook Group

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Gavlar 25.0
2 Pukka fpv 24.0
3 Tinker's Flight 23.0
4 Stoney 22.0
5 LightningFPV 21.0
6 Dodgey build 20.0
8 MrE 18.0
9 Steve Rammer Rhodes 17.0
10 Bolts 16.0
11 Iron-Ryan 15.0
12 Fuze 14.0
13 MIT 13.0
14 Loz 12.0
15 Simpo 11.0
16 ScotttyDoo 10.0
17 8M1 9.0
18 Wycliffe FPV 8.0
19 FPV KEV 7.0
20 Viper_2426 6.0
21 What's up FPV 5.0
22 Shep FPV 4.0
23 Ross 3.0
24 The Zeesh 2.0


Date: 26/06/22

Location: CF32 8PG

Series: TWS

Season: 2022

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Registered Pilots (25)