World Time Trial - Oct 16th

UK X-Class are pleased to announce, the UK's First X-Class and Wing Race

The Venue is Popham Airfield

We are also pleased to have the race director skills of the one and only Cerberus Velvet.

The Track will be the World X-class Time trial track.

X-Class pilots wishing to enter the World event will also have to sign up here:

You can still come along with your X-Class without having to enter the World Championships.

Timing by LiveTime. Live streaming (if we can make the tinterweb work) to the YouTubes.

Cerberus has been very clever so requires a Mug Shot of you all for the stream.

Entry fee: £25

Usual insurance requirements and caveats apply.

X-Class Regulations can be found here

Wings up to 36” +/- 1” 3/4s setup flight controllers allowed







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Date: 16/10/21

Location: SO21 3DB

Series: Xclass

Season: 2021

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Registered Pilots (8)