Team Wooly Sheep 1 - May 16th

Team Wooly Sheep welcome you to their 1st event of the 2021 season at Llangeinor Football Club

!!!NOTE!!! - The date of this event has been changed due to the Welsh Regulations around groups of people meeitng outdoors. Event is now on Sunday 16th May.

E-Mails are being sent to all registered pilots and full refunds will be given if you can not make the rearranged date.

All TWS events for 2021 will be British National Qualifying Events (BQE) so by attending our events you get the chance to take part in the British National Championships 2021! You must be a member of the British Drone Racing Association prior to the event for your points to count towards national statistics.

All our events are supported by Westland Drone Racing Events and run using an ImmersionRC LapRF timing system linked to Livetime for rock solid timing and all the benefits you’ve come to expect. The event will also have live streaming of all races so that you can review your performance throughout the day via

Entry fee: £25 for BDRA members and £27 for non-BDRA members.
Please ensure you check your BDRA status in your iFPV pilot profile before signing up to the event for the discount to apply.

Please note: The event has been limited to 30 pilots due to current Welsh COVID guidance around sports events. So be quick to book!

We are lucky to have such a fantastic venue at Llangeinor Football Club, just off the M4 motorway. Food will be available throughout the day and the on-site bar will be open for a post-event drink. And a favourite for all – proper flushing toilets!

Please keep an eye out for further details of our TWS series and other events in the South West region.

Any questions or queries about the event please feel free to join the Team Wooly Sheep Facebook Group

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Rank Pilot Points
1 Saul_fpv 3.5
2 Holmsie FPV 7.5
3 Smoky FPV 11.0
4 Blakey 15.0
5 Pukka fpv 18.5
6 BearmanFPV 22.0
7 OrangutanFPV 26.0
8 Gavlar 29.5
9 Sherriff FPV 33.5
10 Dodgey build 37.0
11 Marmite 40.5
12 Bolts 44.5
13 Knapmosphere 48.0
14 SIBO 52.0
15 Banded fpv 55.5
16 Steve Rammer Rhodes 59.5
17 Silverfox 63.0
18 Ross 66.5
19 Fuze 70.5
20 Iron-Ryan 74.0
21 WYLDEONE 78.0
22 Tinker's Flight 81.5
23 MIT 85.0
24 8M1 89.0
25 RAW FPV 92.5
26 Gravy 96.5
27 Wycliffe FPV 100.0


Date: 16/05/21

Location: CF328PG

Series: TWS

Season: 2021

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Registered Pilots (30)